Our Staff

  • Dr. Roger Smith 

    Lead PAstor

    Roger and his wife Jana were both born and raised in Amarillo, TX which is located in the middle of the Texas panhandle. Roger has a solid educational background which includes a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry. 

    But, it is God's Grace that defines who He is. Roger has 20 years of ministry experience and preaches a message of love, grace, and redemption that is truly for everyone. His vision is to build a Church that unifies, heals and restores.

    If you want to be a part of a Church that is truly Grace based and want to be welcomed with open arms, then Living Grace Fellowship is a place you can call home. Receiving Grace…Living Grace! Welcome to Living Grace Fellowship.


  • Tony wirth

    worship arts pastor

    Worship has always been my favorite part of the church service. As a musician, I always connected with music so it drew me in. As I grew closer to God, I realized how He really meets with us in worship. In those moments of complete surrender and self abandonment, God speaks and He transforms our hearts.


    Come join us at Living Grace Fellowship and worship the King of kings and feel your worries drift away. When we set our eyes on Jesus, our own problems fade away because His perfect love casts out all fears.


  • Gail Pratt

    Women's Pastor

    In our women’s ministry we invite you to bring your questions, your doubts, your fears, and be part of a community of ladies who will accept you and love you. We know life is hard and it helps to have a group of friends who will be there for you. Together we look into God’s word and find answers for some of life’s toughest challenges. If you don’t have all the answers, that’s great, we don’t either. So we journey this road together as friends, by praying for one another, and by helping each other. Come be a part of our Women’s Ministry at Living Grace Fellowship!