Real People with Real Lives and a Real God!

Living Grace Fellowship is a vibrant church with an encouraging message and a refreshing emphasis!

A CHURCH comprised of people walking through life together seeking to bask in the undeserved love of God and to live in the power of His grace. 


We're on the journey of life together. 


A CHURCH admitting that sin is a problem for all of us – not only people living far from God but also for those seeking to walk with God. The cold hard truth is that we all are sinners in need of a Savior. The heroes of the Bible ‑ Abraham, Sarah, Moses, David, Peter, et al stumbled in sin again and again. We are no different! Authentic followers of Christ are sinners until the day they die, and the more authentic Christians further up the slope are the ones who are beginning to realize the distance between their perfection and the perfection of Christ. 


We are imperfect people and don’t expect perfection from others. 


A CHURCH knowing first hand that life is difficult and is fraught with hardship; failure, disappointment, setbacks, trauma and storms. It’s in the midst of these that God's grace is most real and trust in Him is built strong. It’s also in the midst of these that growth is most possible and we have the greatest opportunity to strengthen one another as we rest in the arms of the One who loves us!


God's amazing grace is sufficient for all of us! 


A CHURCH that proudly proclaims it’s motto: "This is who we are: prone to wander, slow to learn, still in process, far from having `arrived,' grateful for mercy... so don't expect anything else."


Therefore, Living Grace Fellowship is


A CHURCH for the lonely, the well-intentioned, the lost, the found, the disillusioned, the self-sufficient, the downtrodden, the unchurched, the over-churched, the wounded, the strong, the failure, the successful, the young and the old. It's a church for those looking to come into the hospital with other invalids. It's for those who seek the Great Physician's care. 


Those who desire a museum of saints will be disappointed with this church, because this is   


A CHURCH that won't focus on sloppy saints like me and you ‑ but rather onto a God whose patience and love are utterly beyond comprehension - a God of grace and love worthy of our deepest gratitude and most intense admiration. Because of it we embrace the fact that not only is God one who loves unconditionally but He expects His people to love in the same way.


God loves ... therefore, we love!